Whole30: It’s Over!

Wow, it’s taken me forever to write this post! You lose time in the craziness of summer coming to an end and moving to a new place, but now I’m back at college and ready to keep posting. So, let’s talk about how the Whole30 went.

The first week or two was a bit of an adjustment to remember to not eat some foods on an impulse. I started getting used to needing to cook for almost every meal if I didn’t plan ahead. Once I got the hang of those problems, it was easy sailing while eating at home for the next couple days. Unless I ate out, there wasn’t much of a struggle with eating well as long as I paid attention.

Eating out was the same struggle throughout the whole experience. I always tried to look at the menu of the restaurant before going so that I knew what I would have to modify to be able to eat it. Some restaurants were more difficult than others, so having a say in which to go to was definitely helpful!

The 30 days started to drag after 2 weeks. It wasn’t a feeling of cravings welling up inside; it was more of a feeling that more days had passed than actually did. 14 days felt like 23 days. I had to keep reminding myself that I’m only doing it for 30 days, whether that was how it felt or not.

The last couple days were a ridiculous struggle. 4 days from the end, I snapped a little and ate a few chocolate chip cookies. I’m proud that I didn’t beat myself up about it, I used Melissa Hartwig’s advice that setbacks happen and you just need to adjust and move on. I think since the end was in sight, continuing to eat the way I had been became a bigger struggle than it was at the beginning.

Staple foods: sweet potatoes and guacamole. Sweet potatoes are filling and gave me a bit of a sweet taste when I wanted to eat ice cream. Guac was my replacement for cheese with almost everything. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried an omelette without cheese, but it is just sad and dry. I topped everything with guac: sweet potato, scrambled eggs, plantain chips, the options are incredible!

Now that I’m finished and out of the house with my parents, it’s really up to me to keep living the Whole30 lifestyle I worked so hard to start. If I have any luck, my diet will focus on fresh fruits and veggies, with the odd grain and sweet sprinkled in.

If you’ve given the Whole30 a whirl, let me know how it went and what your favorite recipes were! Power to you!

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