Books: Food Freedom Forever

This book was written by the same person who is the co-creater of the Whole30 program, Melissa Hartwig. If you saw my earlier post, this is the book that got me to start the program myself. I am currently about halfway through the elimination part and very ready to start the reintroduction! But I’ll get into all that when I finish all 30 days; now, on with the book!

Reset (Elimination)

This is the first part of the reset phase. Melissa gives multiple options to eliminate foods, but recommends following the Whole 30. This entails cutting out all added sugar, grains, alcohol, legumes, or dairy, including recreated treats with approved ingredients. The plus side is that there is no calorie restriction, so you can eat whenever you feel hungry.

Reset (Reintroduction)

After 30 days of low-grade hunger, you can start to reintroduce the foods that were taken out of your diet to see the effect they have. One category is added for a day, such as dairy, and any health effects are noted carefully. Melissa also gives a suggested schedule for reintroduction, just like her recommended elimination diets.

After both of these sections, the author is extra helpful by giving us tips on how to fulfill the program. This includes a support system, scripts for talking to difficult friends and family, and how to get back on track after the entire program when you go a little carb crazy one day.

The best part about this book is that there are no empty promises of losing 7 pounds in a week, and no expectation that you’ll never screw up after the program is over. Eating healthy every day is a tall order, one that most people aren’t up for (including myself).  It’s not a sin to indulge every now and then; in fact, it’s encouraged! The emphasis, in the end, is on conscientious eating, deciding that it’s worth it overall. Only then, when you can eat a delicious cupcake without guilt, is when you have true food freedom.

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