Lisbon, Portugal: Week 5

This week was a little bittersweet since it was the last one before going home. My hospital specialty was Plastics and Maxillofacial Surgery, which was much more interesting than I anticipated. We also had a beach day for the excursion, which was a little painful but plenty of fun to make up for it!

The excursion had us riding bikes in Cascais, a coastal municipality that gained in popularity as a vacation spot after the royal family visited in the 19th century. The town truly started to develop in the 12th century and quickly became a major supplier of fish to nearby Lisbon. We spent most of the day on bikes going up and down surrounding hills to take pictures. The hardest part was one stretch of land up high where the wind was constantly pushing against us, giving us a serious workout! But the views were unreal, and the beaches were just about perfect.

An interesting rock formation caused by the battering of the ocean during winter storms that has taken many lives
One of the multiple beach alcoves near the center of Cascais

This is my last Portugal post, so I wanted to thank the Atlantic Project for allowing me to go on this incredible trip. I also want to thank the group’s four site managers who worked so hard to find us great restaurants to eat at and incredible places to visit to really experience Lisbon like a local. I’ll really miss this group of maniacs!

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