Books: Veganomics

This month’s book was a little different from the last couple ones considering it didn’t give any instructions or tips about eating a certain way. Instead, Veganomics by Nick Cooney was a relatively short book about the science and studies behind what makes vegetarians different.

The one thing that I appreciated most of all about this book was that there was no underhanded message trying to convince you or guilt trip you into becoming vegetarian. There was no secret because the author clearly said that one of the purposes of the book was to help current vegetarians and activists become more effective at convincing people that vegetarianism is the right choice. That fact was stated right from the start, so I knew what to expect.

There’s an impressive amount of research from multiple different studies to back up all the information he gives you, which is important considering there’s a LOT of information. To sum up that information in one sentence, average vegetarians are under 30, women, have a higher level of education, live in the Northeast or West coast, a Democrat, single, middle children, had more companion animals, introverts, and don’t follow traditional religions. The research that supports these claims is interesting, if nothing else.

Overall, this was a pretty fascinating book, especially since I happened to find it purely by chance in a secondhand bookstore!

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